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What is Developmental Trauma

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4 Ways To Start Clearing Your Obstacles
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1. 5 Signs Your Past is Hijacking Your Success

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2. Mind Body Healing is Crucial for Success

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How would you feel if you had the confidence to clear trapped trauma  from your life and body at any moment from the comfort of your own home?

Activate Your Innate Healing Powers Now & Keep Your Energy Field Clear & Vibrant!

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Meet Your Healing Guide Freda Salamy

“My goal is to help you focus on your own personal journey of healing, embrace your true gifts and spread your grace and presence.  I know that as we heal ourselves, it is possible to heal the world.”
~Freda Salamy

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"“I have been using the powerful process of Invoke and Release®️ under Freda Salamy’s mentorship for over three years now, and I’ve experienced amazing results. Invoke and Release®️ has enabled me to clear limiting behaviors, feelings and beliefs and experience more confidence, success and abundance in both my professional and personal lives. I am a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Certified EMDR Therapist and Somatic Experiencing Practitioner who has been trained in multiple breakthrough mind/body therapeutic approaches. Simply put, Invoke and Release®️ is among the best of these. Freda is warm, bright and passionate about helping people succeed in life and discover their confident, joyful and creative selves. If you are ready to grow in leaps and bounds then this easy, powerful and accelerated process is for you.” "

Thomas Faupl, MFT, SEP
San Francisco, California

"Freda has been a true treasure over the years. She has tried many techniques and has been a huge benefit in my growth and happiness over the years. We started working together again in 2016 and she introduced me to her Invoke and Release®️ process. It was an amazing opportunity for me to let go of old patterns and energy and to accept happiness and the good things around me. Invoke and Release®️ helped me to get over the worst relationship I've had in my entire life and to come out the other side feeling like I learned and am a stronger and better person after all of that. The technique helps you to center and focus strongly on specific things and to breathe and let go of them. The obstacles that are holding you back in life. The past patterns that won't let you move forward to a more centered and peaceful life with new and better patterns and tools. Invoke and Release®️ also helped me with some of the worst job experiences I have had soon after the breakup, which also triggered the breakup issues again. In both cases I was doing everything right and everything that I could and yet I was still getting beat down and treated like a criminal. Invoke and Release®️ enabled me to let go of so much of that, feel that I deserve the best and that I wasn't doing anything wrong. It is very empowering and I recommend it for anyone who wants to break out of old patterns that are holding them back."

San Francisco, CA

"Freda came highly recommended by my naturopath, primarily for trauma but as it became quite apparent, I need her guidance for so much more. Our immediate connection helped with the flow and with time, Freda has peeled away the layers and joined many of the dots. Invoke and Release®️ has been my saving grace. An invaluable tool that effectively and efficiently clears and unblocks my system. If a particular fear is paralyzing me or I have allowed a situation to overwhelm me, much of the time I can’t even recognize that Invoke and Release®️ is what I need. Until of course, Freda has worked her magic. Following many years of infertility, feeling stuck on my creative journey and generally fearing taking the next big step, with the support of Invoke and Release®️, I am now expecting twins and following my heart, slowly but surely."

London, UK

"I am a single mother with no surrounding support along with having a high stress, physically and emotionally draining, job. Invoke and Release®️ helps me work through the challenges I face on a daily basis at work and at home. During the session I can feel the negative energy literally release and leave my body. At the end of the session I feel relaxed and refreshed. I also notice an improvement in my sleep.  I use the techniques taught during the session to help me manage my anger and frustration better between the Invoke and Release®️ Energy Clearing sessions with Freda. For example, when I am at work and I can feel the frustration building. I am able to do some of the techniques and feel better in just a few minutes. I feel great benefit from the Invoke and Release®️ Energy Clearing sessions and look forward to attending more in the future."

Woburn, MA

"About 3-4 years ago, I started to notice how angry I was. I was a VP of Finance for a media company with approximately 30 people who reported to me.  I noticed how much I needed to control every situation - it had to be my way, or I would "blow up" and devalue anyone who didn't follow me or my thoughts.  It worked for a while - I got everything to be my way.  I had the power!  But in reality - I was out of control; I was angry at every situation I encountered - work meetings / time with family / driving to work / if my flight was late /it all drove me crazy. I knew I needed help as I couldn't control my anger anymore. I was abused when I was young and I knew this was holding me back and creating my current situation, it was time to address my past, so I looked up a psychiatrist and made an appointment. I wanted help getting to point B from where I was, and went for 2 months, however I didn’t feel any better. Just talking about it didn’t help and I still felt stuck. I got introduced to Freda and we worked weekly with Invoke and Release®️. We discussed my past, but most importantly she helped me release the pain of my past I had no clue I was holding on to.  I knew I was abused and I thought I had let it all go, that I had moved forward, but not until I worked with Freda and completed an Invoke and Release™ session did I realize that I hadn't.  Releasing my abuser / releasing my pain / releasing my need for missing love / releasing my self abuse - each week my session with Freda would open new paths for me.   I thought I wanted to get to point B of being in love / having a family / having a high power job / etc. but in the end I learned to just be me; love me and I feel that I am beyond just point B! I see Freda on a monthly basis now, and she helps me connect by using Invoke and Release®️ any issues that are on my path, so I can continue to move down my own path to point Z; and I use it whenever I feel me getting out of control / getting angry or when I feel things aren't going my way - I just Invoke and Release®️ and I breath. "

New York City

"When Freda Salamy and I began working together, I had four-full-bullet-point pages of “life events,” which highlighted the bad (divorce), even traumatic (rape) stuff that had occurred in my life. Thinking that it was not what happened to you but what you did with what happened to you that most mattered, I searched externally for the right or best way to do things, pleasing and even appeasing others in all aspects of my life in order to attempt to find family, community and a place of belonging. I was looking for love, hustling my way through life for worthiness. I came up short, believing after almost five decades of life that I was severely flawed, unworthy of love and belonging. Using Freda’s Invoke & Release®️ technique, I was able to place myself within my painful, highly charged experiences, work through them and release the elements of what happened that did not empower or best serve me. I discovered that much of my lack of self-love, feelings of unworthiness, even shame were the result of my having allowed myself to be open, even vulnerable with little to no boundaries with those one might normally consider highly trustworthy – my birth family, the friends I chose, the individual I chose to marry, the work I chose to do. With this knowledge, I’ve chosen to honor my life’s journey and leverage this wisdom in all of my future relationships and endeavors. With the help of Invoke and Release®️ I now love myself and know I am enough, worthy just as I am. I’ve finally found my personal power, from the inside. I now, with appropriate boundaries, move through the world in an open hearted, compassionate manner for myself and others. I embrace who I am - a great mom, solid C-level executive, life coach and yoga teacher. I am a badass, resilient human being."

San Francisco, CA

"As a Facebook marketing expert, I help businesses profit from Facebook marketing. I teach others how to use Facebook or we manage a business’s Facebook marketing. As part of my business I wanted to schedule weekly Facebook live videos. I was comfortable recording videos, but I was having a hard time creating Facebook lives. For some reason being on live video was intimidating me. I had talked about creating these for over three months and was no closer to getting them done. After working with Freda and doing Invoke and Release®️ for my blocks, I created my first Facebook live session within a week, and for the next five weeks I created a Facebook live each week. Invoke and Release®️ energy clearing has enabled me to reach more people and grow my Facebook audience. I confidently know that I can continue to create Facebook live videos. The results have been long lasting and show no signs of lessening. "

Brian Hahn

Chippewa Falls, WI

"What brought me to Freda was the severe trauma of finding my husband brain dead on the side of our driveway. He had fallen from his bike and fractured his skull and ruptured his brainstem. Alone on my large isolated ranch I was desperately trying to perform CPR and keep him alive for 28 minutes while waiting for the ambulance. I was going into shock. For the next six weeks I was unable to identify I was suffering PTSD. I isolated myself, had nausea and diarrhea and was unable to eat. I was experiencing rapid weight loss and I was already thin. Freda took me as an emergency case, and used Invoke and Release®️ for our first session. After the session, I curled up completely under a blanket and fell immediate into a deep almost narcoleptic sleep. I don't know how long I slept but a bird hit the window and it startled me awake. I was extremely hungry and I started to eat, and I ate and ate and ate all day long. I worked in my art studio for the first time that day, gardened and in the evening I found myself smiling feeling content with a great deal of love as I reviewed some photos of my husband Peter and I together. My symptoms disappeared. I work with Freda once a week and the results have been remarkable. After each session I feel an identifiable state of calm introspection and security. I feel more capable and adult than I ever before. The loss and sadness is being replaced with memories and love. I feel like I am becoming a fully realized being. In the state of gratitude I look forward to every day. Thank you Freda, "

Port Orford, Oregon

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