The Rejuvenated You


is an online space designed to assist you in Revealing and Healing emotional trauma trapped in your
Mind, Body and Soul


So you can be free to Truly Be Yourself!

What If I Told You That You Can Live a Vibrant Life Without The Side Effects Of Past Trauma for good?

What would it be like to be totally yourself, free from emotional pain, self-confident and feeling like anything is possible? 

What is The Rejuvenated You?

The Rejuvenated You is your place to learn tools, heal and integrate the pain of your past, allowing you to be your best self.

Experience greater inner peace and self-confidence as you take exciting, new steps to live your dream life on your own terms. This website is your one-stop resource to feel good in your skin through our live energy healing sessions, short online courses, and longer more in-depth healing programs.

It’s common for us humans to feel stuck, looping in thoughts and repeating old patterns that we can’t think our way out of. Unfortunately, affirmations will not change them.

I am here to guide you in Revealing and Healing the emotional trauma trapped in your mind, body, and soul so you can finally be liberated from the chains of your past, and live the life you want.

Why I created The Rejuvenated You healing space.

Feeling deep compassion for people’s suffering, as well as trying to shed my own pain, inspired my path to be a healing professional.

In addition to going to graduate school for transpersonal psychology, I studied holistic health, functional medicine, neuroscience, meditation and many body-based psychological methods that address trauma held in the mind and body.

Gradually, I have come to feel lighter and kinder to myself. I also helped others feel the same. For years I have had the honor to witness my clients’ emotional pain lift before my eyes.

These transformations have inspired me to create the easy-to-follow signature course called,

"Reveal and Heal Obstacles to Your Success™"

where I lead a group of inspired people who are ready to release their past with a deep dive of healing in several  areas of their lives for rapid awareness and letting go. 

Using multiple powerful healing modalities, which also includes

"Invoke and Release®"

create lasting change, propelling you forward and out of the pain of your past.

The course,
"Reveal and Heal Obstacles to Your Success™”
prepares members who are committed to their success to deepen into mastery with the option to join the
"Invoke and Release® Healing Circle.”

In the membership, you receive four mini healing videos a month, and one Live Masterclass per month on the same theme.

Monthly Theme Examples:
“Releasing Self Sabotage and Procrastination”
“Seeing Through the Seduction of Negative Thinking”

In this time of individual and collective suffering in the world, my goal is to help you focus on your own personal journey of healing, embrace your true gifts and spread your grace and presence. I know that as we heal ourselves it is possible to heal the world.


My dream and intention is to help raise the vibration of this planet, where people restore the light and brightness of their true selves and as a result, become kinder and more loving to themselves and all humanity.

I believe that when we free ourselves from our pain—mental, emotional and physical—we open ourselves to personal and collective healing.

This is YOUR place to come, heal, and return to The Rejuvenated You.

As part of my personal commitment to help all humanity, I donate a portion of the profits from each course to human rights organizations.

Invoke and Release®

Why it works.

Our body remembers stress and trauma held in the body.

Invoke and Release®

helps you integrate and let go of the pain of your past.

What makes

Invoke and Release®

different from other energy psychology healing protocols?

Invoke and Release® not only addresses aspect of this lifetime held in your mind, body and Auric field, but we also invite the release of memories in the soul that is timeless and regarded as immortal.

Invoke and Release® does all this AND activates both hemispheres of the brain for full integration and mind body reset and connection.

Some of the benefits you can experience:

  • Lowering your stress levels so can achieve what you want in life
  • Improving your sleep so you get more done in less time
  • Removing energy blocks to restore your inner peace and allow for more flow
  • Supporting your immune system so you can keep up with your kids
  • Raising your energetic vibration so you can have more joy in your life and create exciting opportunities

More benefits include:

  • Removing emotional pain and grudges creates more intimacy and connection with yourself, your partner, family and friends
  • Enabling you to attract happier and healthier people into your life
  • Amplify your ability to manifest anything and to create the financial future you desire
  • Feel more comfortable to take bold action, leave toxic relationships and feel true to yourself

Freda Salamy, founder of The Rejuvenated You and creator of
Invoke and Release®

“My goal is to help you focus on your own personal journey of healing, embrace your true gifts and spread your grace and presence. I know that as we heal ourselves, it is possible to heal the world.”

Fun Fact

I love good coffee and dark chocolate, just sayin'. Important to know. Also, and I'm being super vulnerable here knowing I'll be an outcast in your eyes in a minute, I HATE salt on my Chocolate. There. I said it. I know I'm the only one, but someone has to be different.

Super Power

My super power strength is I get to muscle test everyone on the live calls, so I know if you're clearing properly, or if you're checked out multi-tasking. Be scared. Be very scared.

Random Info

I'm a learning junkie and it is my choice of dopamine hits. Besides coffee and dark chocolate of course.

Freda Salamy, MA, MFT is a licensed body-centered trauma psychotherapist and Holistic Health Life Coach. She specializes in guiding clients through both revealing and healing emotional  trauma held in the mind, body and soul so they can finally have the life they want.  Freda is the creator of 

Invoke and Release®

a powerful healing modality that allows for deep letting go in an accelerated way, and the founder of The Rejuvenated You, an online platform with the signature course, "Reveal and Heal Obstacles to Your Success™" This deep dive course enables rapid healing, and also "Invoke and Release® Healing Circle” Membership which allows for long-term mastery and support to learn tools, heal and integrate the pain of your past. Years of Freda’s mindfulness and meditation practice, professional trainings and personal transformation shine through with her work with clients.  She also has a private psychotherapy and international coaching practice on video.

More about Freda Salamy

My first go at helping folks feel better about themselves was in my first career as hairdresser in San Francisco. During those 25 amazing years I met interesting people, made good friends and received my early unofficial training in psychotherapy. I could see the pattern of emotional pain and wanting to feel good in any way possible that both my clients and myself shared. I still think about my old clients, how we grew up together, and I appreciate all that I learned from them.

I secretly spent years redesigning peoples hair in my head as I walked down the street (while at times, sporting purple hair). Don’t worry, that impulse has stopped, so you won’t be exposed to my spontaneous outdated recommendations.

Curious about the human mind, I began training toward my new career. First was college, then I went to massage school because I was fascinated about how trauma is held in the body.

It turns out I would rather receive a massage then give one.

I trained in the holistic world, did a year-long program, and became a holistic health coach.

I got to learn and experience many things from holotropic breathwork (holy mother of intense experiences) to chakra balancing and preparing for death and dying.

Then came the master’s degree in integral counseling psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies, which has a spiritual East/West slant to it. This program was like being in private and public therapy for 20 hours a week. I sort of developed the made up diagnosis of OPD Over Process Disorder. The school and education were great, the OPD kinda sucked, and I’m glad I did it. It made me a solid psychotherapist, (if I do say so myself) who doesn’t freak out if someone is in deep pain and suffering.

Becoming a licensed MFT (Marriage and Family Therapist) was a humbling and illuminating journey. Because most internships are unpaid, I experienced the stress and desperation of not being able to cover my bills or buy food. This taught me discernment. I learned what I really need in life, versus what I want.

This has also informed my style of helping people more directly get to the core cause of their suffering. What does that mean for you? A higher percent of my courses goes straight to the clearing versus talking. (Basically, if you see me, I would be clapping saying, “lets clear that trauma people.”)

I was drawn to being a therapist and energy healer because I spent years truly believing I was deeply deficient. This led me to attend many week-long silent meditation retreats over the years.

After being with myself for so long, and becoming utterly bored with my inner dialog, I finally learned my negative thoughts have no credibility, which is great because regularly recycling nonsense was time consuming!

In addition to meditating, I found relief from my inner torment by helping as many people as I could heal their own emotional pain, as I was healing mine. Turns out being a workaholic and trying to save everyone gave me adrenal fatigue, which caused depression, which limited my life and also led to Netflix sending me an email saying, “We have no more recommendations. You have actually watched everything.” Okay, the Netflix email is a lie, but you can see the hole I was in. (Note to self: Don’t become chronically ill and cause your soul to want to leave your body.)

With my glass half full, I learned a lot about digestive health, neurological health, hormones and epigenetics, and so much more. Now when a client comes in, I can easily recognize symptoms and confidently say, “You are experiencing XYZ. Here is what you need to do and go see this doctor.”

And 90 percent of the time, I am spot on. (Dusting off my shoulder). Also, I unsubscribed to Netflix. (True statement.)

After moving to La Jolla California, I quickly learned that I still have an urban agro amygdala, which means the back of my brain quickly fires up when people at the Whole Foods parking lot leisurely walk in front of my moving car. I have come to understand that people in La Jolla have something I’ve read about once. I think it’s called being relaxed. I am relaxing.

I regularly receive acupuncture and massage, and do meditation. I like to think of these activities as part of my public service. Now I can wait 10 whole seconds sitting behind a car with a green traffic light before using my horn. (Hey, 10 seconds is a long time. You try it!)

With my, one might say, obsession (gasp) to alleviate my emotional and physical pain and the pain of others, I have created a healing modality called

Invoke and Release®

Trying many healing modalities on my clients, and myself I found that

Invoke and Release®

helps more people release stored trauma in their body, more often, in a gentle non-overwhelming way. Yup, I have learned to hack your health and your haunting past.

Now my new obsession is to help EVEN MORE people, help human rights organizations, and to do all of this without losing my soul; hence the online group class format. I’m so excited for all of you to move through the courses and reveal your own treasure in the mirror, that is, be the true bad ass that you are... ‘cause ain’t nobody got time for trauma!


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