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5 Signs Your Past is Hijacking Your Success: And Tips and Tools to Help!

Dates to Remember:

Free Class!! 5 Signs Your Past is Hijacking Your Success: with tips and tools to help!

Sunday October 13th- 10am PT

Sunday October 20th- 10amPT

Sunday October 27th-10am PT

Sunday November 3rd-10amPT

Sunday November 10th- 10am PT

All Classes will be recorded if you miss them, but being live on the call and experiencing collective healing is wonderful.

All classes will be 60 minutes long, unless there are many questions at the end, then we will hang out together little longer.

We have big dreams and goals, and no matter how clear and motivated we may feel to follow through, often the unprocessed pain from our past hold us back.  It’s like having too many apps open in your brain and body, and your life force battery can’t preform as well with all that noise and interference.  

We try to do the best we can in life and often do anything to avoid feeling uncomfortable.  Social media, Netflix, rescuing someone from their "fire."  This class is to loosen up some of the obstacles that stop us from taking action on our own dreams and goals.

What to expect:

We will discuss how past unprocessed developmental trauma, or "Big T" trauma, gets in the way of you performing well in your life. 

Each week we will collectively do a mini letting go with energy healing, and end the call with Q&A.

With the deep dive course “Reveal and Heal Obstacles to Your Success™ coming up, this gives you an idea of what it’s like to hang out and let go of your obstacles with me and a group of other people interested in healing and improving their performance in life. 

For you private folks, no worries, no one will know who is on the call but me.    No pressure to invest in the signature deep dive healing class afterwards, but do yourself a favor and let yourself become aware of how your past might be holding you back from your best self yet!


What you'll get:

  • Class Discussion
  • Energy Healing
  • Q&A

How Will These Sessions Work?

Being in a group with the intention of collective healing is a powerful experience. 

All energy clearing sessions will be conducted in a group setting by Freda Salamy with a live streaming video.  Freda Salamy will be the only one seen on video.  
Freda’s voice will be the only voice heard, and all other audio will be muted, so you can remain anonymous, Should you have any questions during the session, you will be able to send messages via the Q&A section.

If you can’t make a live session, this session will be recorded and will be available within 48 hours. 

How Do I Prepare for my Healing Sessions?

Think of this as sacred time for you as if you have scheduled with your healer, coach or therapist.

  • a glass of water ready to hydrate
  • a pen and paper to take notes
  • and tissues handy, if needed.

It is crucial you have privacy, feel comfortable at home, and are fully present. Choose a location you feel at ease without interruptions. If you are driving and believe you will be distracted, it is recommended you watch the replay when you are fully available.


Energy sessions work best when the body is prepared for release. Starting each class with a short guided meditation will get you grounded and present for your healing.

There will be a discussion on the class theme, followed by energy healing.  Freda will be using remote muscle testing to ensure participants are thoroughly releasing stagnant energy. As we are operating in a group environment, Freda will give general prompts to everyone. If you feel comfortable having your name said publicly, Freda will also provide personal prompts.

At times during the course, you may hear Freda coughing, yawning or taking deep breaths. There is no reason to be concerned. Sometimes this spontaneously happens when obstacles are being removed.

Often people report feeling better right away and feel the impulse to stop the healing while we are in the process of clearing.
I encourage you to continue clearing throughout each prompt to be sure it is complete. You may feel emotional, or fatigued during or after the class, but you will generally feel energetically lighter after the session. I recommend you drink water during and after a clearing.