I help high achievers who feel stuck in life, release emotional trauma so they can feel free and clear to create the life they want.

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Releasing emotional trauma  from your
Mind, Body, and Soul will Increase the
Confidence and Clarity to Create the life you want!

What If I Told You You Can Activate Your Innate Healing Powers & Keep Your Energy Field Clear & Vibrant?

Energy healing empowers you to stay healthy, return you to your joyous and peaceful mood, and as a result you will remain clear on your life path!

Why is releasing emotional trauma from your mind body and soul important? Quoting Dr. Bessel van er Kolk, “stress and trauma are stored in the body. If left untreated, you can develop a number of physiological symptoms such as TMJ, IBS, irritability and impatience, difficulty concentrating, and inflammation in your body. Often if stored upsets are neglected, you can manifest more severe illnesses such as autoimmune diseases, where the body is now fighting itself.”

See in the illustration at the left from the book “The Body Keeps the Score”

"Reveal and Heal Obstacles to Your Success™

Price $1,297.00


"Reveal and Heal Obstacles to Your Success™

The Course

Reveal and Heal Obstacles to Your Success™

is a deep dive course that uses
Invoke and Release®
and other energy psychology healing modalities that takes you through a path beyond the conceptual “how to’s” other courses offer. 
Even with the best of intentions to heal our past, we often feel dread and overwhelm.  This course supports you through those emotional obstacles with a step-by-step path to letting go of long held trauma from your mind, body and soul.

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Next Class is open for enrollment! Available to Join the Healing Path January 9th-17th 2020

What should I expect from this course?

No matter where you are in your healing process, this will assist you in feeling expanded and powerful in your life.

Each class will have an energy healing component where you’ll receive tools to clear out old cellular memory from your body to help you feel more vibrant and more authentically you!

Remember, when your energy field is activated, the energy release will lower your cortisol (a stress hormone), which will help you access your innate logic, and assist you in returning to being present in your life. You will feel calmer and more confident to be authentically you.

Removes emotional pain and grudges

Feel more confident and vibrant in relationship at home and work

Creates a sense of connection with self and others

Allows you to attract a higher vibration of healthier and happier people

It makes manifestation and implementing the Law of Attraction and Law of Vibration from a congruent mind/body place for higher success

Together we will go on a success path to healing.

We will start with a solid foundation so you feel safe to heal and let go, and end the class with feeling more authentically you without the burden of your past.

This eight week class will cover:

Meeting our inner allies
    Creating inner support to give us the courage to let go of the past

Meeting the wisdom of your body
           We have so much stored cellular memory in our body, it’s time to tune in and release it.

Unconscious underlining commitments
           Example: “I want to write a book for years but I am more committed to feeling safe."
Releasing Outdated Ancestral and family Agreements
          Individuating from the collective consciousness of the family and cultural/gender trance.
Forgiveness of self and others
          Holding a grudge against ourselves can be a huge obstacle to moving the needle.

Stepping fully into your adult state to feel your inner power
         We may pay all our bills and feel like an adult but there may be parts of us waiting for someone to save us.

Who am I truly and what do I want?
           Now that we have released some of the past, we can get a clear read on what we actually want, versus “should” want.

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Next Class is open for enrollment! Available to Join the Healing Path January 9th-17th 2020

 How Will These Sessions Work?

Being in a group with the intention of collective healing is a powerful experience.  

There will be a few very short prerecorded videos to help you prepare for each week.  These prep videos are intentionally short as to keep your healing manageable.  The last thing you need is to feel overwhelmed, behind, and give up on your healing.

All energy clearing sessions will be conducted in a group setting by Freda Salamy with a live streaming video.  Freda Salamy will be the only one seen on video.  
Freda’s voice will be the only voice heard, and all other audio will be muted, so you can remain anonymous, Should you have any questions during the session, you will be able to send messages via the Q&A section.

If you can’t make a live session, all sessions will be recorded and will be in your portal within 24 hours. 

How Do I Prepare for my Healing Sessions?

Think of this as sacred time for you as if you have scheduled with your healer, coach or therapist.

  • a glass of water ready to hydrate
  • a pen and paper to take notes
  • and tissues handy, if needed.

It is crucial you have privacy, feel comfortable at home, and are fully present. Choose a location you feel at ease without interruptions. If you are driving and believe you will be distracted, it is recommended you watch the replay when you are fully available.


Energy sessions work best when the body is prepared for release. Starting each class with a short guided meditation will get you grounded and present for your healing.

There will be a discussion on the class theme, followed by energy healing.  Freda will be using remote muscle testing to ensure participants are thoroughly releasing stagnant energy. As we are operating in a group environment, Freda will give general prompts to everyone. If you feel comfortable having your name said publicly, Freda will also provide personal prompts.

At times during the course, you may hear Freda coughing, yawning or taking deep breaths. There is no reason to be concerned. Sometimes this spontaneously happens when obstacles are being removed.

Often people report feeling better right away and feel the impulse to stop the healing while we are in the process of clearing.
I encourage you to continue clearing throughout each prompt to be sure it is complete. You may feel emotional, or fatigued during or after the class, but you will generally feel energetically lighter after the session. I recommend you drink water during and after a clearing.

Who Is Freda Salamy?
Freda Salamy, the founder of The Rejuvenated You and creator of

Invoke and Release®,
is a licensed holistic body-centered psychotherapist specializing in releasing trauma held in the body. Using many modalities of healing,
Freda has guided clients for many years to reveal and heal emotional trauma trapped in their mind body and soul. Empowered with new tools, clients feel physically balanced, emotionally healthy, and spiritually connected to themselves. As a result, clients can go out and confidently create the life they want!
 After witnessing her client’s emotional pain lift before her eyes, she became inspired to create the signature course,

 “Reveal and Heal Obstacles to Your Success™,”

a step by step deep dive course to rapidly release unfinished energy stored in the body. This course is the prerequisite to join the membership,
“The Invoke and Release® Healing Circle” 
Where we collectively go deeper on important areas in life to heal.

Reveal and Heal Obstacles to Your Success™ FAQ


Fee is $1,297.00


Once you register for the class, you will receive a notice with links, dates and call-in instructions. We will go step by step building your resilience to support your self trust.  Remember to put all the dates in your calendar and reserve this time for you.

+Return Policy

Reveal and Heal Obstacles to Your Success™ allows for a 14 day money back guarantee.  If the class is not a fit for you, please contact [email protected]
On the 15th day after purchase, no refunds will be processed.

+Audio and Video Recordings

All healing classes will be recorded and the replay will be available in your portal within 24 hours.   No personal recording of any intellectual property permitted.  See Terms of Use for Online Programs and Products.  You have lifetime access to version of “Reveal and Heal Obstacles to Your Success™” course you have purchased as long as The Rejuvenated You is alive and kicking in the internet world.
+Not Therapy/  Energy Healing and Education only

Although Freda Salamy is a licensed psychotherapist, the “Reveal and Heal Obstacles to Your Success™,” and “The Invoke and Release® Healing Circle Membership” is designed to support you and the work you do with your therapist, coach or healer. These classes, programs, and membership does not create a psychotherapist/client relationship.

+Private Appointments

I love working with private one on one clients, but I am so sorry, I am currently unavailable for private appointments. I will update this section when private appointments are available again. *Private appointments available with class purchase for a limited time!!

+Email List

When you register for a class, your email will be added to a list to receive notifications for future classes, and healing opportunities. Your email addresses will not be shared or sold. If you would prefer not to receive announcements, please feel free to unsubscribe at any time.

+Who this Class is for

-This class is for someone who is ready to let go of feeling stuck, and is willing to do the work of feeling uncomfortable emotions. 

-You are someone who trusts that you can handle your feelings, and will hire a therapist, coach or healer if you need additional support.

-You are a high achiever in the world, and have pockets of the past holding you back.

+Who this Class is NOT for

-If you are someone who likes the idea of learning, but doesn't plan to do any of the exercises to let go of and integrate your past, I recommend skipping this class.  Wait until you’re ready and give yourself the gift of releasing your past then.

-If you’re in a place of pain where you have merged your bad experiences with who you are as a person, meaning that you are committed to the habit of being deficient, or perhaps have identified with the victim role in your life, it might be best to honor this pain with a trained therapist to heal  your past.  When you feel ready, come back then and join the healing group.

-If you are someone who doesn’t trust your own creativity and plan to take the curriculum of this class to teach your own class with it, I encourage you to heal yourself instead and teach a class you have created yourself.  This will help your karma feel clean and free to attract students that will respect your work as well.


I’m very much looking forward to this experience with you all!!
Experience the joy of overcoming your past and living a lighter and more vibrant life!

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Next Class is open for enrollment! Available to Join the Healing Path January 9th-17th 2020


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