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Let Go of the Trapped Trauma Stored in your Body and Start Your Healing Today!

Deepening Self Love and Self Respect

$47.00 USD

This class includes: • Defining self-love and self-respect • Exposing ways we give away our authority so we don't fall into these patterns in the future • Experiencing a clearing to release this pattern from your cellular memory so you are energetically and emotionally lighter • Practical tips on continuing to Deepen Your Self-Love and Self-Respect.    

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The Courage To Fully Be Yourself

$77.00 USD

This class includes: • Exposing the Obstacles and Repercussions of not fully being you. • Understanding How to Create consistent Energetic Boundaries. • Releasing stored Trauma held in your body through different healing modalities including Invoke and Release™ and EFT. Modalities you can use Over and Over!

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Clearing Your Energy Vampires From Your Body

$47.00 USD

In this session you are guided through understanding and releasing the energy cords that are draining your life force, and learn practical tools to clear them when they arise.

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$97.00 USD

Deepening Self-Love and Self Respect The Courage To Fully Be Yourself Clearing Energy Vampires From Your Body

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